I was at a real low point in my physical state when I ran into Jimmy. I had just turned 50 and was 1-year post op from a total hip replacement AND a diagnosis of severe hypothyroidism. The weight gain from the thyroid and my ever changing metabolism combined with trying to carefully recover from hip surgery was frustrating and disappointing, to say the least.

I have always been active and careful with my diet. I had even hired an (expensive) personal trainer with whom I worked diligently with 3x per week for a full year before I had met Jimmy but had only succeeded in losing a few pounds and a couple of inches here and there. I was losing hope - not weight!

I had tried to hire a second trainer to try something different and she had to stop training for personal reasons 3 weeks into our sessions. She & I had arranged to meet for coffee to discuss this and purely by chance, ran into Jimmy!

Jimmy and I arranged to meet the next day and discuss a training plan and schedule. The workouts were (and continue to be) challenging but not overwhelming, varied and progressive. I started losing weight and inches right away and within 6 to 8 months dropped approx. 20 pounds and the corresponding inches. I am consistent and rarely miss a workout and I watch my food carefully. Everything else I leave up to Jimmy. Jimmy is attentive, creative and dedicated. He tailors each session to address goals and target areas that I want to build or improve on. He's receptive and pays attention. He knows how to motivate and encourage without pushing me too far. I have never been injured in any workout with Jimmy. I have in fact worked through rehabbing not only my hip but other minor injuries that I incurred previous to my training.

Its been almost 2 years and I feel probably the best I've EVER felt - really. And this is at age 52 with hypothyroidism and a hip replacement. I truly ENJOY my workouts. I look forward to each session and to what is possible for me physically. I am so very grateful for Jimmy and what we have been able to accomplish together. - Beth