Jimmy is a certified NCSF personal trainer and Venice nutritionist, and has been helping clients attain their healthiest way of living for years.  Based in Las Vegas, Jimmy is passionate about health and life, and about helping people overcome challenges in nutrition and exercise.  He strives to help clients build positive, healthful lives.

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"Strive for progress, not perfection"

My name is Petra, and I am what people would call a "real sized woman"...meaning I am not and never have been a size 2.    Looking and feeling my best has always been important to me though, and while I had always maintained an active lifestyle, with gym workouts and distance running, I was alarmed when I found that I was squeezing into what should have been my comfortable size 14 pants.   I knew that shopping for a larger size was just not going to be an acceptable option for me.  Thankfully, it didn't have to be, because I met Jimmy Phipps who was a trainer at my local health club when I was living in Houston.   I have worked out with several trainers in the past, but hands down, Jimmy has been the best I ever had.   Why?  Because it just wasn't about the hour we spent working out at the gym.  Most trainers will happily take your money, give you a great work out, and send you out the doors of the gym without the tools you truly need to be successful in making sustainable lifestyle changes.   Jimmy took the time to ask me questions about my strengths and weaknesses, and planned my workouts accordingly.   Additionally, he went in depth about nutrition, always keeping it real, and not trying to sell me meal plans or supplements.  He taught me how to eat real food, order well when eating out, and most importantly, that food was not the enemy, that it is the fuel needed to build and keep a strong body.    He was easily accessible during my learning curve, often taking frantic texts from me as I was either wheeling my grocery cart around the store, or preparing to order a restaurant meal.   In the six months I worked with Jimmy, I went from a Size 14 to a Size 8, losing over 20 pounds, and gaining muscle I never knew I had.  My half marathon time went from 3 hours plus, to 2:17 on my fastest finish.  I have never felt so confident or strong in my life!     Thank you Jimmy for continuing to be a fitness inspiration in my life!


Petra Ligmond, Severna Park , Maryland

"Jimmy Phipps is an incredible certified personal trainer with a passion for helping his clients get results. His patience and knowledge were the catalyst I needed to achieving my goals. After six months of his coaching, one-on-one training and advice on nutrition, he has single-handedly helped me create a healthy lifestyle for the first time in over three decades. Thank you Jimmy Phipps for helping me extended my life!"

Chris McGarey, Las Vegas

"Jimmy Phipps has excelled far beyond my expectations. Jimmy has pushed me past my expectations for myself and has inspired me to my core. With good sound nutrition and streamlined workouts, constantly changing it up, you too can have a fit, lean and happy body."

Lindsey Higgins, Las Vegas

"Jimmy is great. The results were fast and more importantly safe. I can't believe I look and feel the way I do at 46!"

F. Q. Las Vegas

Mission Statement "To Inspire and educate others, to help them reach their goals in nutrition and wellness"
About Jimmy
“Science and Sweat”

Jimmy offers one-on-one personal training, boot camp classes, nutrition coaching, fat loss program, and fitness, endurance and metabolic training. Jimmy enhances his formal training techniques with personal experience in overcoming injuries and reversing self-defeating life-styles and thinking -- all to help clients transform their lives.


Early Life

Jimmy was raised in the beach culture of Southern California. From a young age he was heavily involved in swimming, surfing and other outdoor sports.


Professional Performance Career

At age 19, Jimmy launched his professional performance career as a dancer, which took him around the country and the world. He performed in large production shows, including multiple shows on the Las Vegas Strip, such as “Splash”.  After more than a decade as a performer, injury ended his performance career. Jimmy adopted an improved nutrition and a balanced strength and fitness program to help recover his good health.


Attaining a high level of dance technique and prowess gave Jimmy a sharply-honed eye for posture, alignment, breathing, and mirror-based biofeedback, which he uses to this day, to benefit his clients.


Personal Challenges

Jimmy has faced and overcome daunting personal challenges, including alcohol and drug abuse.  He turned to a focused healthy lifestyle of fitness and nutrition to help himself surmount these problems.  His 18+ years of sobriety are his daily gift to himself, and he invests time daily to celebrate and support his clean lifestyle. Jimmy wants to use his experiences to help his clients find their path to a healthy, rewarding lifestyle of good fitness and nutrition.



Jimmy is inspired by the philosophies and methods of fitness innovators Todd Durkin, Tony Horton, and Alwyn Cosgrove. Jimmy incorporates their approaches into his formal training and years of experience, to design individualized fitness programs for each client.






 Jimmy applies the latest proven exercise and nutrition methods to give each client an edge in achieving a healthy lifestyle and fitness level. He motivates each client to achieve his/her best during each session, closely watching each exercise and giving frequent corrections.


 Jimmy feels daily gratitude and passion for health and life, and he is eager to share these with his clients at every session.

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